Shantawood, this brand name has been known in the world market since 1980 and in 1995, was bought over by the Group founder, Datuk Dr Peter Sow Chin Chuan, who has several years of wide experience and vast exposure in wood base industry.

The Group's involvement into wood-based products was further intensified in 1996. Shantawood is an integrated factory with built up area of 383,000 sq ft factory was built on more than 13 acres of land with the total workforce of 400 workers. Since then, the business of Shantawood has flourished the growth with the annual Group turnover approx RM60 million.

The rubber wood furniture which Shantawood are producing now are mainly with a system of mass productional plus the advantage of our raw materials and upstream such as rubber wood harvesting, saw milling, kiln drying, rubber wood sawn timber, laminated board, components and further downstream to broad-based and covers a very wide SM Group's machineries are extremely flexible because of multiple applications that is cost efficiency as the result of the integrated activities has enabled the Group to offer and deliver the most competitive price. The major importing countries are USA, Middle East, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Asia Pacific Region and etc.

SM Group has established an in-house research and development unit which covers all aspects of research work such as new product development and innovation, sample testing, durability tests, etc. to ensure continuous acceptance of its products and adherence to relevant regulatory standards.

Last But not least, Without our customers support, none of the above would be possible.

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