History And Development Of DPS Resources Group

The history of DPS Resources Group can be traced back to the early 1980s when Datuk Dr Sow Chin Chuan, a Promoter of DPS Resources, ventured into the wood-based industry in Melaka when he set up Shing Huat Sawmill Sdn Bhd (now known as DPS Realty Sdn Bhd), a company principally involved in timber trading. Recognising the lucrative opportunities ahead in the wood-based industry, Datuk Dr Sow extended his interests in the industry when he, together with his spouse, Datin Chu Kim Guek, acquired the entire equity interest in DPS Industries and Shantawood in 1992 and 1995 respectively. These companies were then principally involved in sawmilling and manufacturing of wooden chairs respectively. Under the resourceful stewardship of Datuk Dr Sow, DPS Industries' and Shantawood's involvement in wood-based products expanded tremendously. These companies became involved in manufacturing of rubberwood furniture, rooftruss, plywood doors and wooden window frames, sawmilling, kiln drying, and wood treatment.

Over the years, DPS Resources Group has managed to establish its reputation in the wood-based industry. With its vertical involvement in the wood-based industry, from upstream activities consisting of pressure treatment and kiln drying, to downstream activities consisting of furniture manufacturing, DPS Resources Group has become a strong local player of the industry. Today, DPS Resources Group focuses on the manufacture of rubberwood kitchen furniture for both the local and overseas markets. For the financial year ended 31 December 2003, approximately 70% and 63% of its turnover and profit after taxation are contributed by exports.

DPS Resources Group's revenue and profits are principally sourced from three (3) areas. Of utmost importance to DPS Resources Group are rubberwood furniture designed with various styles and concepts to serve different target markets. These products are mainly manufactured in accordance to customers's cifications, and are principally exported. Nonetheless, other than being OEMs for various foreign brands, DPS Resources Group also manufactures rubberwood furniture under its own three-leaves green trademark. Of the many types of furniture, DPS Resources Group focuses on rubberwood kitchen furniture. Nonetheless, where opportunities arise, DPS Resources Group's production versatility enables it to produce other furniture, from home furnishings to commercial furniture, using various types of wood.

DPS Resources Group also has one of the largest kiln drying facilities in Melaka. After undertaking processes such as pressure treatment, kiln drying and lamination, components and materials are further processed into furniture. Excess components and materials are sold to other smaller local furniture manufacturers as semi-finished products. DPS Resources Group is also involved in manufacturing of rooftruss.