DPS Resources Group places great emphasis in ensuring consistency and reliability of quality of its products. It has established and implemented stringent quality control measures at various stages of production. The entire manufacturing and processing process, from acceptance of raw materials to the production process, and the final delivery of finished products, are carefully monitored and controlled. The Directors of DPS Resources believe that the quality control procedures employed by DPS Resources Group have resulted in and will continue to result in high customers satisfaction and repeat orders.

To signify and as a recognition of its commitment towards high quality manufacturing processes, Shantawood has obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification issued by Certification Body, BM Trada Certification Ltd, UK, in August 2000 for its manufacturing of furniture.

DPS Resources Group also regularly sends its products to major test laboratories for external testing. Amongst others, leg strength test, stability test, and stain and hot water resistance tests, are conducted.